The Grief Room ~ Hope in the Midst of Adversity

The Shift from The Hope Hearing into The Grief Room

It is very important that we continue to stay focused with hearing God from a perspective full of hope; We will advance in the midst of grief and adversity with hope & new miracles! Everyone’s hearts will be enlarged in the Grief Room through Hope Hearing.

In this room the most painful emotions will come out but they will turn into the sweetest places of hope, because we will meet the God of Comfort and learn how to grieve with Him in healthy ways. We don't deny or suppress, and we don’t get stuck in pain; we learn how to sorrow with Hope and how to keep our eyes on Him even in the hard times. Dealing with grief is the key to being resilient, having post traumatic growth, being anti-fragile, and growing in our passion and empathy for others.

The Value of The Grief Room

For years Lord told Bob that he needed to go through the grief room. Jesus said in this room the most painful emotions will come out but they will be made into the sweetest place of hope in this room. (Hebrews 12:3 – consider Jesus who experienced such opposition so that you don't grow weary and lose heart) The emphasis is that Satan uses grief to turn you away from simple devotion, but you are to consider Jesus even more. The reason for grief is to consider Jesus even more.