Intro by Bob Hartley

 “This week we enter Corner #4 of The Grief Room; Grief over the times when I did not ask for God’s Heart and His answers. I stopped ready to ask Him as I was going to that overwhelmed place with issues and feeling alone in them, even though I know it's not true.

As I stopped to thank Him for all the breakthrough’s that God has given me, I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn't thank Him. I just jumped to asking Him questions with all my being. I felt that life is so unpredictable and destructible. I heard Him say; “Just live today”. I asked Him for forgiveness for my lack of trust as I struggle with simplifying my life and just seeing and honoring His Love for me. I opened to ‘my devotion’ on my iPad and there was an answer to one of my big challenges. I cried. I had not even asked. I had gone to that place of ‘asking others' and He forgave me. God took me to the place of His Amazing Grace and Love, so that I might be set free.

Please join me in bringing your cares to Him and seeing His Brilliance and Amazing Grace. This is the week (and always) to have a breakthrough, to believe in the King and Father. He is absolute in His Power and Personal Love for each of us and He longs to set us free..!!!”

Love, “Bicep Brother” Bob!!!

Excerpt from “”Whispers” written by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriquez

“I Hear His Whisper  .  .  .  Choose me. Life will always demand your attention. Trials will come, and blessings will be poured out extravagantly, but through it all, I must remain your focus. I am the One who longs to fill every void and every joy. I watch you, whisper to you, and never leave you, despite how you feel. Not only do I fill you, I enjoy walking alongside you. It’s my pleasure to do even the most mundane tasks with you—if only you would invite me.”

“Choose me when distractions come. When fear rages against your soul. When people reject you. When isolation strangles you. When laughter pushes you to forget that I am the One who fills you with joy. Choose to love me. To love others. Choose the path of peace even when it leads straight through the middle of pain. Choose to find me—today. To believe that I not only have the power to answer prayers, but also have the wisdom to decline them, and then will use those moments to teach you about my love. Choose to embrace the mystery of life with me.”

Song of Songs 3:4 (The Passion Translation)

“Just as I moved past them, I encountered Him.

I found the one I adore!

I caught him and fastened myself to Him,

refusing to be feeble in my heart again.

Now I’ll bring Him back to the temple within

where I was given new birth—

into my innermost parts, the place of my conceiving.”

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“Jesus was showing me and preparing me for how grievous it was to Him when I felt ashamed and didn’t ask for His heart again. He gave me the dream that it was the second time that I wouldn’t look to Him.  Then there was the dream of “Mr. Squash-bucket” and it is demonic. He is hitting me in the chest with a bucket and this about killed me. I felt that this was supposed to happen to me; I felt that I was to supposed to be abused because I felt separated from the Lord and I was not talking to Him. So, I was just letting this guy do this. Jesus was standing in the corner. Jesus said to me “I would never do that”. This was a grief that I had felt that I could not turn to Him, however there was an invitation to turn to Him no matter what.”