Bob Hartley:

“After Jesus identified with my grief and sorrows in Corner #1 He took me to Corner #2.        I wanted to endure hardship well and grieve over the sorrows that I had caused others. At that point Jesus had me write out the sorrows that I caused others, whether they were caused by me or not. He had me go through 3-4 people and the sorrow that I had caused them. That was all I had capacity for, but I began to enjoy it. I could endure their pain and bring it to Him. I could see my part in it and that is where He showed me the 8 ways Jesus died. I had to watch the 8 ways He died, and how in the bible it says not to crucify Christ again. Jesus told me I might have to die more than once to relieve someone’s grief and pain. Jesus showed me that as soon as I grieved over what I had done it would set them free. Something would change in the spirit when I really realized what I had done and the pain that I had caused. Then when I saw them, the love would be able to flow freely again. It was the true starting point of Love and Forgiveness.”

What are the 8 Ways Jesus died for you?