Bob: “I thought the first corner would be dealing with all the pains I had caused others and the I saw Him kneeling down and praying,. Then Jesus looks at me and says “I'm so, so sorry” and He said it a few times. This really stunned me. He was looking right through me. His eyes were welling with tears. He said that He was so sorry for the things I had gone through. I was undone! I melted in His arms.”

3 Main Things that happen in Corner #1:

Jesus grieves with us over the painful things we have experienced in our lives.

Jesus listens to our grief. We process our pain with Him and are honest about what we are feeling. He comforts us in our grief.

He never leaves our side. He promises us that we will not stay stuck in the feelings of grief forever. We need to walk through the grief in order to move past it in our lives; and His Presence is our strength.

Bob Hartley:

“I headed into the first corner and I was convinced that Jesus was going to show me how I had hurt & wronged others, and I thought He was really going to have me take responsibility for the grief and pain I had caused. I didn’t feel ready for this. I felt like I couldn’t handle it; like I was in a hospital bed bleeding and any more would have killed me. It felt like that.

Then I see Jesus and He is kneeling down and praying. Then He looks up at me and says “I am so so sorry for what you have been through”. I was stunned, and He was looking at me with His big brown eyes and He just kept saying “I am so so sorry for what has happened to you in your life” and He listed out the certain points. He was grieving over the things I had gone through and I was undone. I just melted into His arms and stayed there a long long time. I allowed Him to tell me about His care and comfort, His sorrow. He told me to be kind to myself, be patient with myself.”

The first grief was the grief over what people had gone through and it was a great understanding to bring to the body of Christ and even in the healing models when we take people through the grief room. It wasn’t a part of the 5 stages of grieving, but it was about God grieving over your sorrow. It doesn’t make you a victim because you realize everyone has had a tough life but you are not alone it.