The First Way

Jesus in the garden died by making the choice in His mind that he would later walk out in His Body and “Die that we may have Life”. He showed me the depth of commitment that He made to us over Himself. I was undone when He first revealed this passage to me: “His death for our Life” in Genesis 3:5. He settled this treasure of His death. Jesus died for “Our Mind and Renewed Thoughts” through trusting Him versus Adam and Eve trusting themselves and their own thoughts.

The Second Way

Jesus died to “His Right to have Legitimate Anger” towards the Good Samaritans.

The Third Way

He died to “His Rightful Judgment” of the Pharisees. (John 8)

The Fourth Way

He died to “His Pain and the Spirit of Rejection”. John 13:1- He loved his disciples and knew that they would all betray Him: He died to “Rejection and Betrayal”.

The Fifth Way

He died on the cross for “Mankind’s Future”.

The Sixth Way

“He died to His Voice”; so that we would have a voice in the future. (He kept silent before His accusers.)

The Seventh Way

“He died to His Prosperity”; so that we might come alive to prosperity in the future.

The Eighth Way

He died to “His Community; so that we might have a community in the future”. All of His local people rejected Him. They were going to stone Him and He walked through the crowds and they didn’t see/discern Him.