GRIEF IS A GIFT with Bob Hartley

“Grief is a ‘Gift of Understanding and Deeper Insight’ from Gods View of the inexplicably pains that come with life on our journey. Without the ‘Great Gift of Grief’, there are false expressions of who we are, fragmented into many pieces versus “Inner Wholeness’ that enables us to stay true to our extraordinary original design. Our ‘Original Design’ is spelled: Glorious, Giant, Gracious, Gentle, Gratitude, Generous, Insight, Inexpressible, Indomitable, Interesting, Intelligent, Individual (but not alone), Inner Indivisible Peace, Exciting, Enjoyable, Endearing, Enduring, Energetic, Faithful, Fighter, Fortitude, Fascinating, Fantastic Fulfillment.

Put this all together and you have an ‘Authentic Fully Alive Compassion’ with ‘Conquering Hope’. This brings fulfilling peace and advancement through the expression of the most authentic and tragic circumstances of our lives. This comes to us in a moment of a deep challenge to our hearts over a lifetime. Go on this Yellow House Journey with us and be able to step into the God ordained Wonders of Good Grief: “SORROW WITH HOPE”!”