The Stairwell in Fort Collins (Part One) God Stories by Hartley the Heart

“Back in 1983, I asked the Lord what were His Heart’s Desires. The Lord spoke to me about His Desire to see His Name vindicated, as in Ezekiel 36:23. His answer was given to me in an open vision while seated in a stairwell. It is God’s desire to see cities and nations come forth that would love Him well.” (Deuteronomy 6 / Isaiah 36-39)

“I met Jesus in Fort Collins, Colorado stairwell. I sat down in that staircase and I cried as I got a picture directly from the Heart of Jesus for many cities, nations, businesses, and families that would be equipped to be “Builders of Hope”. And I saw them begin to build. I saw how they would help discover the Face of God and all the city saw a different distinctive of Hope come forth in their city. I realized that I was in a transition. I was being called to a place of Hope; a place of Hope-Respect, Hope-Actions, Hope-Attitudes, and Hope-Activities that would allow me to be able to do ‘heavy lifting’ and to be a ‘force of hope’ for cities and nations.

In this vision, I saw specific cities & nations of the earth that were to love Jesus well. I saw many “City Builders”, who were to sing the “Song of Wisdom & Hope” in every arena of life and rebuild cities that love God well. And I knew that I was to hear God’s heart for (along with others) to help equip City Builders of Hope with Advance Tools. I was to help them succeed in rebuilding their cities while helping them discover the “12 Forgotten Faces of God” for Hope Reformers to behold and adore. These Hope Reformers would launch God’s Hope Reformation that would bring a lasting transformation that would cover the entire earth with God’s Goodness for His Glory. (Psalm 24)