The 12 Forgotten Faces of God by Bob Hartley

Our Yellow House Journey causes us to be Hope Reformers and to be sent out completely whole & healed. Our time spent in adoration of these 12 Forgotten Faces releases so many blessing and benefits, including certain powerful healings.

#1 Face: God of All of Life Face (Ps 24)

Adoring this Face of God opens up a New Encounter Pathway that expands our hearts for all people.  We see God as our Redeemer, Supplier, Builder, and Our Wise God  (2 Chron 12:32) Our God of All of Life heals our vision and we see God’s Goodness manifest in every sphere of society.

#2 Face: God of our Hearts Desire

Adoring this Face of God brings a new definition to our worship. The God of our Hearts Desire heals heart disease. The Hope Reformers heart is healed to bring forth the healing of multitudes of others hearts in a hurting world that is desperate for Hope.

 #3 Face: God of Reformation and the Builder

Our adoration of this Face of God brings us clarity and the confidence to build and bring reformation. The God of Reformation and God the Builder heals us from the fractures and fissures that would block us from using God’s tools to build and be instruments of the Hope Reformation.

#4 Face: God Who loves Diversity

Some of the many benefits of our Adoration of this Face of God:

  • Releases people into the 10 different Kingdom Callings.
  • Develops our true identities and gives us supernatural faith.
  • Causes us to be wise stewards. (Matt 24 & 25)
  • Spurs us on to long term good works. (Eph 2:5)

Our God loves diversity, heals depression, bipolar and many other mental problems.

#5 Face: God of Expanded Miracles

In adoring this Face of God, we encounter “The God of Expanded Miracles” & God’s “78 Types of Providential Miracles”. Hindrance to the natural process of Kingdom Seed to grow is activated. Our God of Expanded Miracles heals cancer and exchanges our burdens for new life.

#6 Face: God of the Day & Christ in the Day

Adoring this Face of God brings a Supernatural Lifestyle that comes easy and naturally. We interact with The God of Friendships and we dine from the Table of the Lord. (John 13:3-2) Our God of the Day & Christ in the Day heals migraines.

#7 Face: God Who Speaks

Adoring this Face of God causes you to use “Issacharian Kingdom Hope Hearing” and you know the right questions to ask God. Our God speaks and heals your hearing so you can be one that hears with Hope.

 #7 Face: God Who Hears

Adoring this Face of God causes us to be informed intercessors. We know how to build by praying on our knees as God’s Kings. Our God Who Hears heals people that suffer from Manic Attacks.

#8 Face: God of Hope

As we Adore this Face of God we learn about:

  • Hope Eschatology and the 27 Temporal Hopes
  • The Five Pillars of Hope.
  • Hope in God for People, the Next Generation, and Cities and Nations

 We encounter and get to know

  • Jesus the Man of Hope (Romans 15:5)
  • God Who builds Hope Centers

The God of Hope heals people from Premature Death.

 #9 Face: God Who Heals

Adoring this Face of God brings us 4 New Hopes;

  • Hope Unseen
  • Hope Against Hope
  • Carefree Hope
  • Childlike Hope

These 4 New Hopes cause us to advance and to be able to maintain our advancement.
God turns the Valley of Challenge into a Door of Hope (Hosea 2:14)

Our God of Hope heals us of sick hearts caused by being without hope.

#10 Face: God of Abundance & Kingdom Inheritance

Adoring this Face of God makes the rich veins and the power over death and darkness of (Gen 26), and the benevolence of (Deut 8:18) come alive. We are released as God’s Wealth Creators into all the earth for the sake of the Kingdom. Our God of Abundance & Kingdom Inheritance heals people from poverty mindsets. (Micah 4:4, Proverbs 31, and Isaiah 2:2)

#11 Face of God: God of Joy

Adoring this Face of God raises up the Builders of Hopeful Organizations and “Disneyland” Businesses. The God of Joy brings fulfillment and cultural change where organizational and relationship pain is healed. Our God of Joy heals people of immune problems.

 #12 Face: God Who Anoints and Imparts – Reformers Anointing

Adoring this Face of God anoints and imparts God’s Reformer’s Anointing. Our God anoints and imparts the Reformers Anointing, heals us from fear of failure and change, and any lack of confidence.