It takes Courage to Stand Up Tall

In the Courage Room, God will give you the Courage to stand up tall in the place that you were brought up in. You can’t feed your history and your destiny at the same time. So, you must give your history to God. Courage is having no anger in you and being pleased with who you are. The greatest gift of inheritance that you could ever have is that there would be no anger found in you. In Psalms 16, David sees human-beings as majestic ones. However later he complains about them. He then makes a great decision and says: “Wow my lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.” referring to the people he loved and he knew. (Ps 16:6) In Psalms 73; The people are not necessarily responding with their best to God. They are mean to Him, they ignore Him, and they even go after false gods. Here is God’s response to them: He draws them into the wilderness and speaks kindly to them. God: “I held them by the hand. I comfort and counsel them. I guide them into Glory.” All of a sudden the people have a change of heart and are on God’s side! It’s like Pharaoh when he hated and wanted to cream Moses. In the end Pharaoh winds up saying to Moses: “Take all the goods, all the spoil, leave; but before you go, bless me!” WOW!  from “I hate you” to “I see God is on you. I respect, appreciate and need you! Please bless me!” (Ex. 12:32)