Courage always reminds people that they are valuable

Have the courage to show people that they are useful. People’s prayers are useful. Go remind people in all stages and all seasons, that there is a worth of a human being and importance for that season. Carry people in their pain, and pray to help them in their need. 

  • Courage is understanding people need you and being there for them.

  • Courage is knowing that no matter how secure a person is, they need you.

  • Courage is not acting like the ‘Great Wall of China’, where people have to work so hard to get over to you.

  • Courage opens your arms lightly.

  • Courage is walking with rapture and laughter in relationships.

  • Courage is realizing that everyone you speak to has been hurt, torn, and suffered from disappointment, pains, and despair. It’s all part of life.

  • Courage is to understand they are not alive without it.

  • Courage says my scars do not hold me back.