Courage Room Corner #4 Courage to Become Who God Made You to Be

In the Courage Room God gives you the ability to acknowledge what you have did wrong. Courage is to deal with your pain, and be able to endure hardship well.

Courage doesn't desire any ill will towards anybody, but realizes agony and pain are part of your birth right. Courage gives you the ability to learn in spite of that pain and become who God has called you to be.

Courage is becoming you. The greatest question God is going to ask us before we get to the throne is not;

Did you love??

But it is  .  .  .  .

Did You become You??

It takes Courage to be all that you can be!

Courage is accepting you for you.

Courage is to remain relational.

When you act like yourself, you return to joy.

You endure hardship well.

Courage faces that you are a human being.

It takes Courage to admit your mistakes.

Courage is to tell people you need them.

Courage is when you realize all that you are.

You might as well convince yourself that you have a wonderful design and take responsibility for it day & night.

Courage is asking, “How am I bigger? How am I better?”

You are all you have, so quit trying to be someone else. Just accept it. Courage is when you become you.