A Call to Prayer; Making the Esther Second Choice by Bob Hartley

A Call to Prayer: Making the Esther Second Choice  by Bob Hartley

Vision of Cities Part One:

The Vision for Cities 1983: I had a deeply impacted vision of what cities of God would look like. Now I believe God is asking us to believe for this and to fight for it in the cities. Jesus would be perceived in ALL of life and invited in to ALL of life. People no longer satisfied with His Presence only within the four walls of the church. They must have Him in the whole city, for voters would coming forth and sing the song of wisdom, understanding how to build with the spiritual dynamic. They would put others hands in His, rather than their own.

In the year 2006, I saw the vision of the city again and that God was going to move in cities in one of 3 ways.

  1. Invitation into intimacy. In Hosea 2, God talks about the other lovers that Gomer had taken. These correspond to the lover that often consume marketplace people: material wealth, comfort and self-sufficiency. In Hosea 2:14-16: God offers us mercy alluring the marketplace people; those who are stuck in fear and greed, into the wilderness and speak kindly to them. God would make the Valley of Achor into the Doorway of Hope. The Valley of Achor was were Achan had succumbed to fear and greed and buried silver and gold in Joshua 7. God is going to revisit them and give them the opportunity to receive his mercy in the very place of their greed and sin. They will be like the Zaccheaus, initially living in self-protection and self-provision thinking God was distant & disinterested. Then they will see Jesus like Zaccheaus did in Luke 19. They will know and they can rest assured in God’s provision & in His care & they will give back 4 times of what they have taken.

Vision of Cities Part Two:

Part Two: The Call to Prayer: Making the Esther Second Choice / Bob Hartley

I believe that there’re going to be three “C’s” (Cleveland, California and Canberra). Cleveland is being extended this invitation and Cleveland could get its respect back. Canberra and Orange County are other cities with this invitation.

2. Judgment

Unless 10 cry out; cities will end up like Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 18 &19) In these cities the marketplace people are more hardened in their greed and independence. The Lord’s response will be swift and intense but the slate will be wiped clean to have a fresh start. The Lord did not call it judgment but, “starting anew”. There needs to be sincere repentance from the city leaders and earnest desire for the ways of God. Melbourne Australia is one such city.

3. Captivity

Some cities would go into captivity as in Jeremiah 32. It will seem like the enemy is winning some battles and there is a lack of Holy Spirit activity. In reality God’s promises are true as in Jeremiah (32:42). Small, but mighty groups would seek the Lord in the Word of the Lord would come to them. They would call to God and He would do great and mighty things that they knew not of (Jeremiah 33:3).

I believe Portland is one such city heading into this kind of captivity. We must remember that this stripping is so that the people will be free from distraction and dissipation to call on the Name of the Lord.
I saw several cities where prayer & revelation will increase in these small but powerful small groups, Kansas City, MO & Bakersfield, CA were included in these cities.

Vision of Cities: Part Three

The Key for Cities: The Call to Prayer

The key for the city’s is to get on the wall (getting in a place of prayer like Isaiah 62:6-7).  It is a place of praying for mercy expressed especially the prayer of Psalm 30 . . .

Blessed is the nation that invites God in  . . .

I believe small but mighty groups are to start coming together in prayer. These groups would start within the denominations first, humbling proud charismatic’s.

The Lord is also beginning to require unity from these groups. The covenant of brotherhood of Amos 1:9 is to be restored, leading to Zachariah 8:20 the coming together of the tribes – these small groups – in prayer.

Making the Esther Second Choice

The invitation that the Lord is issuing to us today, is like the invitation Esther received. Mordecai challenged her to plead for her people before the king, even though it could cost her, her life.

In the book of Esther, Queen Vashti is summoned by the king, but refuses him perhaps too busy with their own activities, building her own kingdom or maybe offended at the way the King ran his kingdom (Like many in the marketplace).

Esther had a different approach, asking what pleased the king and gained his favor. She chose to love and trust. She had a difficult life as an orphan, only to find herself living the life of a rich princess.

Vision of Cities: Part Four

When Mordecai alerts her to the plight of her people, the Jews, Esther has a difficult choice to make. She has become comfortable in the palace. Will she like business people, risk at all for their deliverance, or will she off for personal comfort? Esther acknowledges the difficulty of her choice asking for the prayer of others. She had to go before God with her fears, her desire for self protection and self concern, looking instead into the eyes of the One who has cared for her thus far. And there she finds strength to make the choice.

I believe everything will change, when we see those eyes. Intimacy with the King of kings will become our priority, above preoccupation with worldly comforts. Her first love was sweet but second love is deep. She made the choice to surrender all and effected deliverance for her people.

This story is really about a relationship of deep love and trust for the Lord, whatever storms may be coming to your city. He is after a company of people who will really love Him and start the prayers that will usher in His Kingdom.