Bob’s Dream: Holy Spirit as a Guide

The Doors & The New Guide

There were many doors that I needed to choose between and the Lord spoke I needed a new guide to lead me through the Yellow House in this next season. I had always had the father who helped me see 50 years out, and Jesus who has been my closest friend, but it was time for a new guide to lead me. This guide would help me not get distracted and would anoint me with the oil of intimacy and ease and would encourage me continually to keep going through these rooms. This guide would bring me comfort and nurture and would be the most positive, easy going person.

Interviewing People

I saw myself interviewing different people who wanted to be my guide in this next season and one person came up who so full of life. I instantly felt an ease in my spirit; there was such a presence of peace and wisdom around this one, and I knew this was to be guide. Then the Lord spoke that this person was the Holy Spirit and represented the mothering/nurturing side of God. The Lord revealed to me that it had always been the most challenging for me to connect with this side of God based on my own experiences with my mom. It was very touching to me because this was a room that I had not wanted to go into; dealing with the mother wounds. This was my greatest gift in this season, and the Lord told me was my gift from the Lord I was to go on a search for the Holy Spirit and how to relate to him. It was so tender, as if I was meeting him for the first time.