Update Letter from Bob        


To My Dear Friends and Family in God;

My Poem to You

“I said I’d do a podcast soon,

but you have to look not dead on camera,

or like a frazzled baboon.

I have had the devil throw everything at me, with his impy co-horts.

People would think it’s throwing me off, to some degree of sorts

I would say true,

it’s impaired me to getting to you,

but I didn’t get blue!

This is where it got powerful for me,

There are many of you that kept sending love for free,

just because you love and know Bob,

I found out that your friendship is so real,

and it made me sob a gob!

And for where I’ve felt hurt by some, I’ve had cause to think twice,

now that it’s clear that there were many physical ailments and head traumas that were true.

I didn’t see after my energy left and when my hurt came, I couldn’t see how they affected you.

Know from now on it’s Him and you I consider first,

and I’ll be real about my updates; whether I’m doing good or hurt.

It has been pretty serious for awhile,

but it sure has woken me up to this Yellow House Journey,

and it’s helped me grow many miles and miles!”

Update on Bob’s Health

The doctors are suggesting 4 surgeries. He has bone on bone degenerative disease throughout his body that is very painful.  Bob’s testosterone and cortisol levels are very low, close to nothing; causing very low energy levels. Bob is spending these days in the Yellow House “Trust Room”. He is in the process of selling everything except his Yellow House Airbnb’s. He is trusting and believing to be able to meet his various commitments.

“I have a wonderful Voice of Hope Team and some of my team on our business side know they are working themselves out of jobs. There have been incredible miracles lately  .  .  .  and more updates from me to you are soon to come”

Love, Bob