Introduction to the “Be You” Room

This is where God holds up the right mirror and we gain His perspective for ourselves and for others. The number one question God will ask us is: Did you become you? In the Be You Room, Jesus recovers and reveals our original design. He tells us who we are to Him and releases freedom and playfulness in relationship with Him. In this room, we know that we know that Jesus delights in us exactly the way we are and desires to bring our hearts into wholeness.

Be You Room – Corner #1 Mirrors

Be You Room – Corner #2 – Indomitable Hope

Be You Room – Corner #3 – Patriarch Childlike Hope

Be You Room – Corner #4 – Humble Receiving Lover

Be You Room – Corner #5 – “Prophetic Launcher”

Be You Room – Corner #6 Ambassador Hope Reformer

The 10 Kingdom Callings

The Be You Room ~ “Psalm 67 Explosion” Adoration