Adoration – The Forgotten Face of God Our Comforter, Counselor & Lover of Our Souls

You bring oil to our wounds and lift our heads again!

You give us ‘beauty for ashes’.  This is Who You are!

You are our Comforting God, Who guides & comforts with Your Hopeful Voice

You are the Lifter of our heads and the Encourager of our souls.

We will not lose heart as we lean on You!

Oh Mighty Comforter, You minister Your comfort to us. And because of You, we will be great comforters of others, will encourage and lift the heads of others to see You in Joy and Hope 

Father, You are the great Counselor who contains all Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

You see the beginning from the end and give perfect insight and counsel

We will walk in Your Counsel, in Your Wisdom, and will help many to see from Your heavenly eternal perspective

Father, You are our guide on the journey forward.

You give unity of vision & purpose in You.

You are the guiding source of all of our life.

You Guide us in financial decisions & work activities.

You say “this is the way, walk in it.”

You Give confidence as you are guiding our steps.

You are the Lover of our souls, Who is our abundantly available friend.

  • You are the Abundant Lover of our souls! All our fountains are in you!

  • You are abundantly available in friendship.

  • You are abundantly available in good decision making.

  • You are our God, Who is abundantly available and ready to save our families.

  • You speak to them, reveal Yourself as their abundantly available God

  • You are orchestrating a plan for financial breakthrough and direction for our lives—

  • You are available, already knowing our hearts’ cry.

You are the Lover of our souls, Who is the “Better than God”

  • Father, You are the “better than” God. You truly are better than any other pleasure.

  • Your “better than” plans are greater than any we could come up with in our human wisdom and strength!

  • You are abundantly able to do more than we could ever think to ask or imagine.

  • You truly are the “better than” God—Your love is better than wine.

  • As lovers of Your heart, we will be able to surrender completely to Your Lordship in our lives, to see You in Joy and Hope

You are the Lover of our souls, the Compassionate God in all areas of our Life.

  • You are the Compassionate God! Jesus you have such compassion for us, we will be great lovers of people with Your Compassionate Heart for others.

  • Jesus, You have such Love and Compassion for people, bringing healing for our physical bodies, souls, emotions and our spirits! We will do the same!

You are the Lover of our souls, Who is our Friend & ‘Confidant' in all the areas of our Life.

  • You are our Friend & Confidant God

  • You are our True Friend, closer than a brother, never

  • You laid down Your Life for us, and offered up Yours for ours, and in turn we will be great friends and marvelous comrades to You

You are the Lover of our souls, the “For me God” in all the areas of our Life.

  • You are the True “for me” God.

  • Your heart towards us is always positive, full of Your Love, Delight, Joy and Pleasure.

  • Our identity is in You and we are secure in Your love.

  • No weapon formed against us shall prosper, because You are for us!!