Right Hearing comes through the filter of the Nature of God.

It’s about His Nature & Heart. It is not about you saying the “right words”. It is about you being an aroma & carrying His Presence. You can walk into a room and say “chicken pox” but if you have measles, what are you going to get? You will get measles. My point is that you must reproduce and reflect in Him.

The most important reality of the prophetic is to reflect the Nature of God, & who He wants to be. It takes hours and hours to get into that place in His Heart. The first reality when we hear His Voice is black and white. (So, you hear the critical reality of a situation) This is always true, but then He says “Now go with the Spirit of Understanding” and search My Heart out. It is not about the situation, it is about My Heart!”


Right Asking leads you to Intimacy & Friendship with God.

If the prophetic does not lead you to intimacy, but it leads you to promotion, then it is not good. You should be led into the Heart of the King. Do not loose the affection in your heart for people. Do not lose the “David on the Hill”, and become the “King David”, for you will lose your life and your way. Instead, stay on the hill, playing your harp, and if you become a king, never be a king in your mind. (Jesus never let himself be a king. “Then the Lord said: “Shall I hide from Abraham, what I am about to do”? (Gen 18:17)

Remember this is not about recognition, but Intimacy. You are the poor woman or man who save the city, no one remembers your name, but it is the intimacy that you experience when you appreciate His Voice with others. I say: “Would you consider this .  . .”  then I leave and I experience intimacy with God, walking hand in hand with Him, experiencing His Love for another human, and how He appreciates and loves them.


Right Asking leads to affection towards people.

There is an affection that God wants to release to people through the prophetic. The new definition of the prophetic is based on the Nature of God & Intimacy with God.