One tool that we use to cultivate ‘Hearing God’s Heart’ are the ’14-Prophetic Questions’. As we have already mentioned, one of the primary goals of the prophetic is to cultivate God’s heart for others so that we can see them with His eyes, recognizing their worth and value. The 14 questions are a powerful tool in asking the right questions when approaching the Lord for people, places, and circumstances.

Hope in People –Invite God in and inquire on behalf of others

Not information it’s the heart is the key where we’re inviting God and asking Him into the process.

It’s very practical when we ask heart questions about people.

( Ex. Hope – dealing it out / how to navigate HR / Legal / get real data / excellent / From God becomes real)

1.             Ask the Lord heartfelt questions on behalf of others 

·       Ask, “Lord, how much do You love them?”

·       Ask, “Lord, who are they to You?”

·       Ask, “Lord, tell me about their value to You?”


2.             Ask the Lord for the special hope filled song or poem He has written for them over their lives?


3.             Ask the Lord to tell you about their past / present / future from His hope filled eyes? 




4.             Ask the Lord for a “Wonderful Enlightening Story” or hopeful picture for them? (could be from the past & others)


5.             Ask the Lord for a Life Scripture that unlocks their heart and unlocks love for God?




6.             Ask the Lord what state are they in (3 Ws) & what Face of Him they need to encounter in this season of their lives?

·       Wounded- God as Healer

·       Why- God as Guide

·       Willing- God as the Builder


7.             Ask the Lord about past prophetic words or hope filled promises of His heart that confirm for their identity in Him?




8.             Ask the Lord about their personal inheritance in hope in Him?



9.             Ask the Lord about the Nine Spiritual gifts from Corinthians 12 

1.         Wisdom

2.         Word of knowledge

3.         Faith

4.         Healing

5.         Miracles

6.         Prophecy

7.         Discernment of spirits

8.         Various kinds of tongues

9.         Interpretation of tongues



10.          Ask the Lord about the Eight Motivational gifts from Romans 12:6-8

1.         Prophecy

2.         Ministry

3.         Teaching

4.         Exhortation

5.         Generosity

6.         Leadership

7.         Compassion

8.         Cheerfulness


11.          Ask the Lord about the 5- fold ministries from Ephesians 4- Organizational Science proves we need these gifts

1.         Apostle- Juan S

2.         Prophet- Don

3.         Evangelist- John S

4.         Pastor- Amyann

5.         Teacher- Jen



12.          Ask the Lord what He Likens them unto

o   Person – another biblical character (ex. Like David or person that we’ve met in life)

o   Plant – ex. Cedar, cypress etc

o   Animals – ex. Ishmael/donkey, Charles Lynn/Lion etc.

o   Object or Minerals – ex. Peter/Rock / David A High

13.          Ask the Lord about the Ten Kingdom Callings: We applaud every day

1.         Worship Army (Lydia) – they change the atmosphere and bring the aroma of Christ into lives and situations.

2.         Compassion Army (Boaz) – called to make the city a place of praise, worship, joy, thanksgiving.  Called to bring the ‘incense’ to the city.

3.         Prayer and Presence Army (Daniel- hearers) – weep over the city, long for the Lord to dwell, great lights in the midst of darkness, will bring the entrance of the Kingdom of God into every area of the city.

4.         Oasis-Builders/Marketplace Redeemers – Culture Bringers (Abraham) – have a marketplace calling and giftings, but loaded with ministry giftings as well.

5.         Craftsmen (Bezalel) – driven by the motive to craft for Him, to give Him the very best and have a revelation of the Creator God.

6.         Treasure-Bringers (Cyrus’s) – line up to bring their best joyfully to Jesus, then run back as fast as they can to get more!

7.         Cupbearers (Mordecai) – prophetic influencers; in the right place at the right time with the right word.  They are much bigger than their function.

8.         Governors (Joseph) – gifts of government:  leadership and management.  Their key is in the vision and the plan.  Revelation of God the King revealed through them as they make the city a place of justice, order and peace.

9.         City Builders (Joseph, Nehemiah) – build a place for God to dwell, build cities of refuge and govern with wisdom, understanding and counsel.

10.     Anointers (Samuel) – Samuel’s will anoint kings.  They equip marketplace apostles, prophets ,evangelists, pastors and teachers; worship army, compassion army, prayer/presence army, etc.

14.          Ask the Lord about their Different grains (temperament)

1.         Scattering cumin- Artist needs room & space

2.         What in rows- needs structure