Oct. 15, 2018 – Bob Hartley Update


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Bob’s is encouraged and his spirit is lifted up!

Health Update:

Many of Bob’s health issues have been cleared up. However, he still needs an energy reboot and healing from his past physical injuries. He is facing knee replacement surgery and also surgery on both his wrists. Bob’s believing for a miracle and asking for your prayers.

Business & Finance Update:

As most of you already know the Yellow Houses in Redding, CA completely burnt to the ground causing a substantial loss of income and strain. Bob made a decision to sell all his businesses except the Airbnb Rental Yellow Houses in Kansas City, MO. and to make plans to rebuild in Redding, CA and make them even more beautiful! Bob and the Voice of Hope Team's focus is creating these Places of Hope & Healing. Phase 2 has been launched, with the addition of state-of-the-art exercise equipment, health tools, along with the Yellow House “Spiritual Journey” for all who come.
Our Yellow Houses are very special places where God performs miracles. Please consider staying at these ministry houses, they are truly amazing as we have really poured a lot into each one.

Bob loves and appreciates your caring prayer support. And any financial contribution you can make small or big to support Bob’s Yellow House Vision to launch Hope Reformers all over the world are deeply appreciated!
to contribute go to: www.bobhartley.org/donate

The Yellow House Journey Update:

You will be seeing and hearing from Bob a lot more. He will be broadcasting “Facebook Lives”; adoring the 12 Reformer Faces of God that are sought and found on The Yellow House Journey. Look for new posts on social media and on our website for details, blueprints, teachings, wonderful enlightening stories, practical applications, Hope Reformer Tools and much MORE just for You, God’s Hope Reformers!

We love and appreciate You!

Bob Hartley and The Voice of Hope Team


Oct. 8, 2018 – Bob Hartley Update

Dear Marvelous Comrades,

I have been spending lots of my time adoring the 12 Forgotten Faces of God in my devotions (these 12 Forgotten Faces of God mean everything to all of us.Coming very soon, our Voice of Hope Team & I will be broadcasting, “Live on Facebook” about these 12 Forgotten Faces of God.

You are the ones that I love and my intentions are to follow through on a number of things. And I hear the Lord say; “Whoa Horsey! Stop peddling your bike so hard!”

So, I’m in the process of selling all my businesses, except for the Yellow Houses (They are ordained). If you can, please come and stay in our Yellow Houses and tell your friends about them.


Our Yellow Houses are all in the neighborhood that I grew up in. They are filled with the strong and sweet Presence of God. As you may already know, I now live here in Kansas City, since our Yellow Houses in Redding, CA sadly burned down in the fires. Kansas City is where I have had my greatest experiences from God. I know you will find Him in Peace, a Prophetic Pathway for your life, and inexplicable joy. It will be life changing! Please let us know if you decide to stay in one of our Yellow Houses. We would love to come and see you and have a night where we can come and pray for you.

Right now, as I continue on my Hope Journey, it’s going to take some time to reboot my energy systems that I’ve depleted. I (unknown to myself) used stimulates from Health Food Stores that were very detrimental to my immune system. This caused body to crash; however the good thing is that it’s causing me to have Hope on awhole new level.I bear the responsibility for my past mistakes. In the past, my hustle had always been my final solution. I did get so overwhelmed that I was not communicating as Bob. I really had to stop and go on this Yellow House Journey or I didn’t think I was going to make it. Oh boy! It woke this boy up!

 I so appreciate my dear friends that have believed in me  .  .  . and sent me money and “Hohos”! (teasing about the “Hohos” and money.) I’ve given my whole life to this Hope Reformation because it truly gives a healed and expanded view of God in ALL of Life. I’ve gone through a few struggles, but it does not change the Truth of Reform and His Greatness over all the earth. This is not charismatic hype.

I am inviting you with all of my heart to be a Hope Ambassador and to give yourself fully to join us on this Journey. It’s time to arise! We are going to present you with a Facebook Live and a Document of Covenant Agreements with us, about this Journey of Hope that we are to go on together.

Even though I have been in less direct contact with you during my time of rest, my Hope and Love for you has done nothing but grown. In my much-needed time spent resting with God and being restored, I often hear His Heart about you.

I love and deeply hope inWho You are; You are called as a Hope Reformer!

Love, Bob Hartley


  • Thanks for all you’ve contributed. It really helps…
  • Please see our posts on our Facebook page. This month we are inside The Hope Room with Jesus on our Yellow House Journey of Wholeness, producing Hope Reformers.


Bob Hartley & The Voice of Hope Team 

I have a great team of people working to run the daily operations of the businesses and ministry:

  • Bob Hartley – Chairman
  • Michael Hagerty – Director of Operations & High Performance Coach
  • Tim York – Operations Manager
  • Caitlin Dubon – AirBNB Manager & PA to Bob
  • Cruz Roberts – Assistant to Bob
  • Shawn Hartley – Business Manager
  • Alex Lee – Consultant
  • Teri Johnson – Director of Communications
  • Shelly Munden – Director of Accounting
  • Mary Dickenson – Star Storage Manager
  • Debbie Staneart – Bookkeeper
  • Bob Malliet – Maintenance
  • Brandy Hestand – AirBNB Cleaning


Due to my current health situation, I am unable to be actively involved in the operations of the ministry or business. However, while I am recovering, our team members will continue to share our message on social media. The extent of my involvement will be in the form of periodic update videos. It brings my heart great joy to share what the Lord is doing in my life and I hope you will tune in during those times.

In conclusion, I am very thankful for your prayers throughout this time. God has many wonderful gifts to release and pour out in this time. Our team is working to release new tools of hope wholeness and they are excited for what God has in store.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Bob Hartley and the Voice of Hope Team