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“2019 THE YEAR OF THE CHOICE” by Bob Hartley

The Lord showed me 2019 is “The Year of the Choice”. We must make a choice to either: Always and immediately lift up our eyes to see God, or we choose to: ‘Atrophy’ by walking with our heads down. If we choose the latter, we will not see the “Goodness of God in the Land of the Living”. The Lord showed me Abraham in Genesis 12, when God talked to him about the promises. Then in Genesis 14, Abraham had challenges and so his head dropped and the Lord came to him and said: “Look up! See the stars, your descendants will be more than them”.2019 is a very significant time “to seek the Lord while He can be found”. It's your choice, however if you don't choose it by implication, you choose death. “Choose Life or Death” (Deut 30:18)

Life is in His Eyes and the only place where True Life comes from, is seeing Him.

We must:

  • “Count all is done to the surpassing and lasting value of knowing Him” (Phil 3:10)
  • Understand that; “He's going to be Chief among all the mountains” (Micah 4)
  • “Look up to Him” (Luke 21:28)
  • “Never leave our simple devotion to Jesus” (2nd Corinthians 11:3)

When we get all ‘complicated in our spirits’ our minds are confused out of fear or worry and it takes away our ‘beautiful openness to Him’. The Lord showed me how my life had been atrophied. I became something I didn't want to become because I had stopped looking up to Him. He told me through the tragedies and trials of my life, I did not look up to Him. And this was the second time this had happened in the last 25-30 years of my life. I understood it was significant to see Him. However, I didn't realize that I had a choice, because I was under the influence of the warfare coming after me from the enemy.  This was why it was so very powerful for Him to say to me: “Look up”. It’s so important for ALL of us to “Look up!” The Lord showed me that there was a “layer of misery’ over every human being. And also there was a cloud that people were staring into that just caused to them to lose their hope, joy and victory. In 2019, God is freeing us from this cloud by having us “Look up to Him”, getting us ‘above the cloud’ where we can see and behold Him clearly.

Bob’s 2010 Dream

I dreamed in 2010 that there were 5 demonic waves that were going to come against the Body of Christ. Let me be clear that I’m not one to focus or magnify the enemy but I do discern evil.  We must all use our discernment to be aware all the time of the third party of the enemy. It is so important to say ‘no’ to the enemy’s challenges with the emotions that they bring. In the dream, I was able to withstand the first 4 waves as they went under me. I was ‘30 feet high in hope’! I'll just say that I was feeling pretty good about myself, like I thought that I had more than others as the 5THWave approached.  That was a dumb thought because the 5thWave that came was 70 feet high! I looked back as it came so fast and it hit me hard! I just started to roll in that wave as it was crushing and beating me up against the bottom of the ocean. I was enveloped in tremendous fear and darkness. And had no idea when that 5thhuge wave would finally stop and it felt like it would last a long time, for years.

Bob’s Open Vision

The Lord gave me an Open Vision and it was as real as what I see with my natural eye. Like right now for example; I'm driving on the road and I see the signs on the road. It was more real than that because I know these signs will go away someday, but there was an eternal reality of this wave.Many times through our ‘spirit-man’ our dreams are more real than life. They are 4D versus 3D. I saw in the open vision a ‘Mushroom Cloud’. Something had exploded in the heavens versus on the ground.  It came out as a ‘Mushroom Cloud’ but it had the same features of a nuclear bomb or hydrogen bomb. I saw the ‘plume-cloud’ of the bomb cover the entire planet! And I felt: “This is the end!!!”

Then the Lord quickened me in my spirit to ‘just wait’ and to not make a conclusion about this challenge, this death bomb. So, I waited and while I was waiting, God brought to my remembrance the dream that I had in the year 2000 that was about the future Year of 2020. I dreamed this dream right after the “Y2K” on that very night at midnight. Remember many thought that all the computers were to go off causing something very bad to happen and the world was going to be a scrambled mess? Well, I had moved to a farm, had guns and grain, and was prepared to hunker down for the anarchy that was going to come. And at midnight, it did NOT happen!!! 

So I fell asleep that night and dreamed that we were on a space ship. I saw in the dream some people that I already knew and I also saw some people that I did not know, that I did meet later after the dream. (Che Ahn, Loren Cunningham, and Bill Johnson were a few of them)

We had landed on the earth and the spaceship’s hatch opened up. Then, Angelic Messengers told us that it was the year 2020. I saw the Silhouette of the Lord next to me when the hatch opened it as I saw the horrible and complete devastation of the earth in the year 2020, the Apocalyptic Tragedy. Then there was a pause in the open vision followed by me seeing something completely different from what I had just seen. I saw the most stunning and the most beautiful radiant cities and nations upon the earth! This was way beyond what I could dream! It was the Wonder of the Goodness of God and His Ways being implemented in cities and nations. It was so, SO GOOD!

I then looked at the Lord and asked Him; “Which one is it going to be? This Apocalyptic Devastation? Or this Radiant City where the elderly are cared for, and the young are nurtured and dancing in the streets, celebrating, etc.?”

And Jesus said to me; “YOU CHOOSE!”

There was such power in the choice that was inherent in this visitation, because after the mushroom cloud goes off, it turns orange and it starts covering the earth and more. It was not that “chemical burn orange” from a bomb, but it was HOPE and it covered the cities and nations of the earth. Those that were able to “Look Up” were invited into the radiant cities. Entire nations became orange, just brilliant, bright, and radiant with HOPE!

Jesus and His Platter of Gifts

Then Jesus came out of the cloud. He had the most Beautiful Eyes, Caring Free Smile and just this Glorious Laughter! He had a platter filled with different gifts and gave the gifts to different groups of people. I knew some of the groups and there were other groups that I didn't know.

Jesus to Bob:

“You made a choice to weigh in on Me and to see “My Goodness in the Land of Living”

You chose not to see yourself as the “Bob of Devastation” but you saw who I created you to be; “My son the “Bob of Hope.” As long as you continue to look up, your devastation will turn into hope and your apparent devastation will turn into hope, a hopeful situation and a hopeful outcome.”

I cried.

The Open Vision Continued

The Lord came out of this cloud and He was as big as the cloud. He had both arms out wide. He was smiling, and was so delighted! His emotions just swallowed up our emotions. He overcame any kind of different wavelength fear or challenge! He was so full of contentment and was totally in control in all the circumstances and situations. He had this sense of resolve that just was committed to see the Promise from Genesis 12 come forth where it says:“ Lift up your eyes, see Him!I am an Inheritance for you and for your family!

This reality was so much greater than my natural mind’s thinking, for I had allowed commensurate thoughts to come in. I was instantly in that place where my challenges were so much less than the Explosion of His Solutions, His Hope, and His Mushroom Cloud that covered the entire planet. These just grew stronger and would continue to expand in the days to come.

 What was on the platter?

The Crowns

The first thing I saw were crowns that were multicolored. They are all different colors like; Rainbow-Crowns were given out to worship leaders. Blue-Crowns were given out to prophetic people. Orange-Diamond-Crowns were given out to apostles and to those that were in authority. Everyone received a crown whether they recognized it or not. And some of the crowns Jesus was re-fitting, fixing, and polishing up because many had let them slide off their heads or let the enemy take them off and had they been beaten into a pulp.

Rev 3:11 says;“He places on everybody’s head a eternal crown”.It is NOT for later, it's for NOW! And so He was re-crowning people, and in a sense crowning some for the first time because they never realized that they had been crowned by Him, and were royalty with a royal calling.

The Fruit      

The second thing that I saw on the platter was fruit. Some of the fruit I saw were bananas and apples and more and more fruit, it and it went on. Jesus gave to bananas to the people that were to be the “Joy-Bringers” for bananas represent Joy. He gave apples to the Lovers – “Johnny Appleseed”. They would plant their love everywhere they went. It was so awesome!

The Golden Keys

Then I saw many Golden Keys that different people (like my friend Bob Fraser) took.

He opened up the Key to Isaiah 45:3  that “unlocked the treasure that was hidden in hidden places”.This hidden treasure was the 12 Forgotten Faces of God for God’s Hope Reformers that were to be revealed in this hour. It's so significant to have the Keys to the 12 Forgotten Faces of God that He wants to reveal to us! He had keys that had Isaiah 22 written on the side of them, once again He will come and He'll bring us the Kingdom.

The Golden Key of Jeremiah 29 was to be unlocked fully, “I've given you a future and a hopeand it will come in your latter end”.There is much about this Jeremiah 29 Key in His Word and how He opens up a future and a hope for our children. But this is also saying that when people are at their latter end, when they think they aren't able to do much.  .  . They are going to have the greatest future and hope that they have ever had!

The Swords

I saw on the platter the swords for the conquering warriors of the kingdom. The swords purpose was to cut off the enemy. And also the swords were to knight people, touch them on both shoulders and set them apart.

The Envelopes

I saw envelopes that had people's names that were written in beautiful calligraphy. When the envelopes were opened, the people would open up and the thorn or the pain in their heart would instantly have a balm of healing from the oil on the letters. And the envelopes had a scripture, a saying of Jesus that would heal their heart immediately, heal their hopes, and heal their bodies.

He had two envelopes that had History written on them, one was past history and one was future history. Jesus let me open up the one that said, ‘future history’ and let somebody else open up ‘past history’ I saw Bob Scott and some different ones that could look at, and make sense of people's journey. As Jesus opened up the disciples on the Road to Emmaus when they were confused and perplexed; He made all that sense of what had happened with His death, that is rising again and their hearts burned within. Our hearts are going to burn with thankfulness about our past. And we are going mature and quit kicking our playpens, me included!

There was another envelope that said “Relational Styles” on it. These were for the people that had walls preventing their personalities from coming forth. These beautiful ornaments were going to be hung on them, so that they'd be seen and heard and loved. And some had doors that they were to be opened. The envelopes told them their relational style, how to adjust it, and how not to overwhelm people. And I had to take the one with the wall, where I had to have ornaments and I had to be drawn out more.  .  .  because I don't talk enough. LOL

I saw the envelope with ‘future history’ and was shown that God's narrative has been bearing so much fruit in the past but we have been focused on the tragedies. So, we haven't seen how far that He has advanced us. One example is that we've advanced in slavery going away and the population getting to be more prosperous.Another is that the child mortality rate has decreased and now it is nominal compared to being 47% only 80 years ago? Today, I got to see a glimpse of God's narrative in the future, the power and the success of our future. I saw that no fear or shame will stand in God's narrative.

I saw Jesus speak to many different groups, including professors, business people, young people.                          He said: “Look up. You're not Generation X, Y, and Z or Millennials. You're the most Gifted and Called Generation of all time. Look up!”

So, Let's look up and see our King Jesus in 2019  “The Year to See Him” !


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