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This is Bob, a friend of God and I love everybody! I am in a season of deep rest. I am excited for what the Lord is and will be doing in my heart during this time. Although there have been challenges, He is the God of Hope and He works all things for good! Therefore, when challenging circumstances arise, we have the opportunity to draw near to The Lord in trust rather than relying on our own strength and understanding.

My longtime friend & former Olympic Wrestling Team Coach; Mike Magerty has joined The Voice of Hope Team as our Director of Operations and High Performance Coach. He is coaching myself and our entire team to live a healthy lifestyle of wellness & wholeness. Throughout this time of rest & recovery I am choosing to focus on devotion and listening to the Voice of The Lord as He takes me through the Yellow House of Hope Wholeness. There are several profound truths that the Lord has been speaking to me about, and below is one of His most profound statements:

The Lord said to me, “You have underestimated the power of My joy to propel you through any circumstance. You will not be defeated by any circumstance that comes your way. Get happy in me and anything is possible and probable. Don’t let anyone put out the light of your joy and hopeful happiness. Look at my smiling face over you and learn to marvel and enjoy me above all else. I am the joyful king and I don’t take everything so seriously. Choose to play, be childlike, and sing the song of my joy in the present moment. This is the path of life where your heart will open and happiness will overflow.”


I have a great team of people working to run the daily operations of the businesses and ministry:

  • Bob Hartley – Chairman
  • Michael Hagerty – Director of Operations & High Performance Coach
  • Tim York – Operations Manager
  • Caitlin Dubon – AirBNB Manager & PA to Bob
  • Eva Mahan – Bob’s Personal Care
  • Shawn Hartley – Business Manager
  • Alex Lee – Consultant
  • Teri Johnson – Director of Communications
  • Shelly Munden – Director of Accounting
  • Mary Dickenson – Star Storage Manager
  • Debbie Staneart – Bookkeeper
  • Bob Malliet – Maintenance
  • Brandy Hestand – AirBNB Cleaning


Due to my current health situation, I am unable to be actively involved in the operations of the ministry or business. However, while I am recovering, our team members will continue to share our message on social media. The extent of my involvement will be in the form of periodic update videos. It brings my heart great joy to share what the Lord is doing in my life and I hope you will tune in during those times.

In conclusion, I am very thankful for your prayers throughout this time. God has many wonderful gifts to release and pour out in this time. Our team is working to release new tools of hope wholeness and they are excited for what God has in store.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Bob Hartley and the Voice of Hope Team